NPi Customers

Collaborating For Success.

It’s one thing to simply sell a system – and quite another to provide the consultation, customization, service and support it takes to make it succeed. NeoPollard Interactive firmly believes that the greatest successes derive from shared objectives and long-term partnerships. Our lottery partners will attest that NPi is a committed, involved, caring collaborator in driving their success, sharing information and insights as an active participant in the ongoing growth of the program.


The Michigan Lottery launched the NPi end-to-end interactive lottery solution—platform, games and services—in 2014. The Michigan Lottery now generates hundreds of millions of dollars in sales from its interactive instant, Keno and draw-based games, with revenues increasing significantly every year. By the third year of operations, sales reached nearly $1 billion. In partnership with NPi, Michigan has become the most successful US lottery and a benchmark for interactive lottery success in the US market, proving that integration between the retail and interactive channels can significantly boost growth in both channels while expanding the player base to a broader demographic reach.

“Michigan Lottery has achieved record success with its online games services, and has become the benchmark for North American lotteries looking to enter the digital space.”

Doug PollardCo-Chief Executive Officer, NeoPollard Interactive



The Virginia Lottery chose NPi to provide an enhanced digital platform for draw game subscription services through an independent central gaming system (CGS), enabling Virginia Lottery players to securely purchase subscriptions and manage their player accounts via the Lottery’s website. Launched in 2016, the Virginia Lottery platform enables players to purchase subscriptions for their favorite draw games, including Mega Millions and Powerball.