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Treasurer Deborah B. Goldberg is looking to the state of Michigan as a model in her mission to get the Massachusetts Lottery online.

Goldberg says she has two options: to “very well manage the lottery’s decline” or to “take it to the future.”

Michigan’s lottery went online in 2014 and data since then show a growth in sales among retailers that aligns with the online lottery, according to Goldberg.

“The online lottery is reaching a new customer,” Goldberg said.

She pointed to the current Mega Millions jackpot, now exceeding $1.6 billion, as an example of where the Massachusetts Lottery misses sales without an online presence.

“You’re going to be online buying that in your state, should you have that opportunity,” she said.

Goldberg said the lottery will see additional pressure from sports betting, which will be before lawmakers again next session.

“I will be at that table,” she said. “If they put sports betting online, they have to put the lottery online because their local communities are going to get harmed. We’re the only source of unrestricted local money for every single solitary city and town in the state and they will hear from their boards of selectmen and their mayors if lottery monies decline.”

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